Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Forming an At-Large Supporting Organization

Today I sent off this note to the Chair of the At-Large Advisory Committee:


Please forward this basic proposal to your associates on the ALAC:

1. Supporting Organizations are ICANN Structures that through a Council elect representatives to the ICANN Board.

2. Supporting Organization Councils are populated by distinct groups (in the GNSO those distinct groups are the six Constituencies).

3. The At-Large Study Committee, having found broad support, recommended the creation of a Supporting Organization for the At-Large (the ALSO).

4. The ALSO and its Council can be populated by distinct groups. Those distinct groups would be the certified at-large structures and an all-inclusive Assembly for non-affiliated individuals).

5. The distinct groups of the ALSO through their Council can elect representatives to the Board just as the GNSO constituencies through their Council elect representatives to the ICANN Board.

6. The At-Large Study Committee recommended that one third of the Board be populated by the At-Large (five out of fifteen Board members).

7. The ALSO will have a five regions structure. Each region will elect a representative to the Board.

This basic proposal offers an indirect election methodology as a path forward -- the same path that is used by other Supporting Organizations -- this serves to answer the Board's concern over the feasibility of global elections.

In my view, it is time to start fighting for the representation that is our due. Please let me know the views of your peers.


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