Sunday, November 27, 2005

Unified Root & Users

I read the recent CNET article, "Dutch tech firm wants to rid the Web of the .com" shortly after having a conversation with Joe Baptista. Naturally, I was curious to find out more by visiting the unified root website. It was there that I found the note:
"If the image on the left shows an error, your system is not resolving UnifiedRoot TLDs.
You can arrange to correct this in two ways:
Contact your ISP, and request it to resolve UnifiedRoot TLDs; or
Re-configure your own DNS settings in accordance with the information below (please attempt only if you have a full understanding of your PC settings!)."
This notice made it clear to me that the alternate root community is still not ready to properly deal with the general public. What percentage of the populace is savvy enough to re-configure their own DNS settings? I would advise Joe & friends to have a look at the plug-in work being done by James Seng and others -- users will need a plug-in of some type if they are ever to take advantage of the Unified Root's offering.


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