Sunday, November 27, 2005


With the recent posting of an ICANN staff-produced GNSO Discussion Document on new TLDs, the GNSO Council is all but guaranteed to launch a formal Policy Development Process to kick-start a new round of talks on new TLDs that can be expected to drag on for several years -- of course, certain constituencies such as the Intellectual Property Constituency will invariably delay matters interminably by questioning whether we should even have any more new TLDs, but I digress -- what's important to me is to make sure that we capitalize on this opportunity to promote a .sucks domain. I can't think of any new TLD that would be more appropriate in the current climate. Imagine the value of registering or or or any other such protest domain. The expansion of the namespace should definately demonstrate utility, and such a namespace would clearly be in the public interest. The big question is, can Civil Society or some other benefactor entity be convinced to pony up the cash to make such a choice a viable possibility...


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