Saturday, November 26, 2005

Replacing the ICANN Staff

OK, we all know that the proposed ICANN-VeriSign settlement sucks. There are hundreds of comments posted in opposition, and within another week the ICANN Board in Vancouver will arrive at a formal determination. Yet within all those comments, not one person has hit upon the issue that bothers me the most -- just how is it possible that ICANN, a body charged with arriving at community consensus on DNS issues, has managed to retain a staff that has no clue whatsoever as to the generally-held views of the broader Internet community? How could Staff have negotiated a deal that was this bad? Adding fuel to the flame was their ridiculous follow-up Q&A which sought to defend price increases and the monumental windfall give-aways that were incorporated into this abomination. We are looking at a group of people that are so far out of touch with the community that one has to ask whether it's time for a wholesale replacement of personnel.


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