Saturday, November 26, 2005

Raging at ICANN

Another recent comment sent to ICANN: "Do you think we're idiots? What I find even more amazing is that you obviously thought that you might slip this by the internet public without notice. No caps on price increases AND perpetual control of the COM registry for Verisign? I have never seen a more blantant example of two organizations scratching each other's backs than this one. ICANN gets to increase (by a factor of three) it's budget and hence their fees while Verisign has carte blanche on their .COM business practices with no one to answer to about it except for their "buddy" ICANN. The proposed .COM renewal contract should be retooled to reflect the Internet community's concerns. YOU WORK FOR US. WE DO NOT WORK FOR YOU. gTLDs are a public trust and as such no registry operator, including VeriSign, should be given indefinite control over them, especially one as important as the .COM registry. Wasn't this the reason why the monopoly was taken away from Network Solutions? VeriSign's unilateral price increases that are not cost-based and not subject to approval should not be allowed. All ICANN fees should continue to be approved by the Internet community. Internet users should not have to pay an unreasonable "ICANN Tax" or pay more for domain names just to increase VeriSign's profits. REMEMBER YOUR FOUNDING CHARTER AND STOP TURNING INTO WHAT YOU WERE CREATED TO PROTECT US FROM."


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