Monday, November 28, 2005

Noncommercial Agenda Posted

The NonCommercial Users Constituency meets on Thursday (10AM to 6PM) in the Oak 2 room at the ICANN session in Vancouver; their agenda is posted below:

1. NCUC issues and strategies:
1.1. Report about Elections
1.2. Next steps with: re-register the members
1.3. New web site
1.4. New organizations from Latin America and Caribbean
1.5. NCUC and the Internet Governance Forum (Athens)

2. Icann-related issues:
2.1. Nomcom representative selections (done by Executive Committee but worth discussing)
2.2. .mobi Public Advisory Board selections (also done by EC but worth discussing)
2.3. meeting with Canadian privacy groups
2.4. Verisign - Icann settlement


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