Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Dysfunctional ALAC

In discussing the At Large Advisory Committee position on the proposed VeriSign settlement, the ALAC's John Levine writes: "We need to figure out what the issues of most importance to the at large community are." I can sympathize with John. He's stuck on a committee that is supposed to be relaying bottom-up input from certified At-Large Structures to the Board. The problem is: none of these groups has ever supplied any input on any topic whatsoever either to the ALAC or to the ICANN Board. As such, the ALAC is forced to pontificate in the absence of any real public feedback. Interestingly enough, that hasn't stopped the ALAC from launching a new website captioned "Notes from the bottom up"... and yes, the website sucks... it still uses language written by ICANN staff who don't yet even realize that Esther Dyson hasn't been a member of the ALAC for almost a year now. So John, if you're listening, here's a suggestion: take over the Chairmanship of that group when Vittorio retires and start kicking some butt. If the ALAC is ever going to work you'll need to wake up your member organizations and get them involved, and if it can't be done, then do us a favor and call it a day. This fiasco has been dragging on for far too long already.


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