Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What's not on the ICANN Mar del Plata Agenda

As one reviews the agendas posted by different groups such as the ISPCP Constituency, the NonCommercial Constituency, the Cross-Constituency (ISP-IP-Business), and the Registrars Constituency, it suddenly becomes very clear that no one gives a damn about the registrant agenda.

The above-listed groups plan to hold discussions on the following:

ISPs: ICANN strategic Plan, WHOIS, WSIS, Input for council discussion with GAC, New gTLD strategy, GNSO Policy development, Election for GNSO Board seat

NCUC: Election of 3rd Council member, replacement of Executive Committee member, website, chair election, consumer protections issues (deferred to Luxembourg session)

Cross-Constituency: WHOIS, Strategic Plan, New gTLDs Strategy, Status of existing process on sponsored gTLDs, WSIS

Registrars: EPP concerns, Technical and Business issues, Transfers policy issues

What is missing from the agenda of concern to registrants is the following: the tarnishment of the .pro domain, the failure of ICANN to enforce its own escrow policy (which puts millions of registrants at risk), privacy protection in WHOIS, the risk of domain hijackings owing to laxity in registrar dealings with domain name resellers, expired domain name aftermarket issues, IDNs as a spoofing and phishing tool, the lack of a user's bill of rights, the lack of representation for users in the GNSO and on the ICANN Board, excessive redemption grace period fees, the inability to select another registrar during the redemption grace period, the lack of new gTLDs, etc.

ICANN clearly needs a registrants constituency. These issues won't go away just because all the other constituencies choose to ignore them.


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