Wednesday, March 23, 2005

RegistryPro wakes up

From the RegistryPro forum:

RegistryPro Discussion
It has come to the attention of RegistryPro that some .pro name holders are licensing their domain names to parties who may not themselves qualify for a .pro domain name. This practice may have caused some temporary confusion in the marketplace.

RegistryPro, in accordance with its agreements with ICANN, registrars, and others, fully maintains that every .pro domain name sold is activated only after appropriate professional credential checks have been successfully completed. Furthermore, all .pro domain names are sold to credentialed professionals, namely attorneys, physicians, engineers, and accountants in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.

Once a .pro domain is appropriately purchased, RegistryPro does not assume control over the use of that name. This includes the secondary market and licensing programs referenced above.

In efforts to foster discussion on this topic, RegistryPro has launched a public forum at to allow the public to openly voice their opinions.

It is our hope that all viewpoints are fairly and constructively discussed.


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