Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New LACNIC IPv4 Initial Allocation Policy for ISPs

The LACNIC Board at the February 2005 meeting has ratified the implementation of a new policy for the initial allocation of IPv4 address blocks to ISPs in the LACNIC region.

As part of the LACNIC Policy Development Process, The Open Policy Forum held during LACNIC VII in San Jose Costa Rica approved a new policy which reduces the size of the initial minimum allocation of IPv4 address blocks for ISPs from a /20 to /21 (8 /24). The reduction of the size of initial minimum allocation comes together with a reduction in the requirements for accessing those blocks.

The /21 initial allocation is an alternative policy to the current /20 policy. This is that ISP may choose, according to their needs, apply for a /20 block or for a /21. In order to receive a /21 allocation the aplicant must:

Demonstrate the use or the immediate need of a /23
Send a detailed plan of the use of a /22 in one year
Renumber the previous allocated space and give back this space to their upstream provider in less than 12 months from the moment of LACNIC initial allocation

It is important to point that this new policy is exclusively for ISPs without any consideration of their multihomed or singlehomed status.

This policy will be applied in the LACNIC region starting March 1st 2005.

Any question regarding the implementation of this new policy may be sent to hostmaster@lacnic.net


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