Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Kleinwachter on revising ICANN bylaws

An exchange between Wolfgang Kleinwachter and ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee Chair Vittorio Bertola begins with this thread:

Bertola: And please... do not forget those of us who participate in the WSIS as individuals. We already had to ask a favour to friends from accredited NGOs just to be physically allowed in... I'm not sure about how many others act as individuals, but, in the Internet world, people tend to aggregate informally and to form flexible online groups, rather than to incorporate NGOs.

Kleinwachter: it would be great if you could take this message back to the ALAC and to go forward with a proposal for a revision of the ALAC related articles of the ICANN bylaws. You are the ALAC chair.

Bertola: I'm not sure why we are having this discussion right on the WSIS Plenary, Bureau and Content & Themes :-) (Though perhaps the IG Caucus could give a thought in participating in the joint ALAC-NCUC thinking exercises that we are trying to set up about the future of civil society structures at ICANN.) Anyway, you could for example have a look at the (draft, preliminary etc) comment to the Strategic Plan that we just sent to ICANN:http://forum.icann.org/mail-archive/alac/msg00934.html

Kleinwachter: Thanks Vittorio for this new statement. I share the spirit of the statement and you should distribute this widely, not only to the (under-visited) ALAC discussion forum. With regard to ALAC/NCUC cooperation this is fine and can help to create some synergies but does not repair the generic defect. While I support the spirit of Part 3 of the ALAC statement to the Strategic Plan, I encourage you as the ALAC Chair to go beyond some vague and defensive observations and questions and put forward some clear language for revised ICANN bylaws.


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