Saturday, March 19, 2005 debates

An interesting discussion at Andrew Moulden in an article entitled "$" wrote:

"And today, with the announcement by EnCirca of $49 unrestricted second level .pro registrations (via we picked up - and almost immediately regretted it. The fine print revealed that some unusual procedures are required here to allow EnCirca to offer these registrations without breaching the underlying requirements of the .pro registry. Domains will have to be managed through EnCirca nameservers. To make use of the domains, registrants will have to use A and CNAME records rather than nameserver changes. EnCirca’s information will appear in the whois record in all contact fields except the admin contact.
So, in short, the same level of ownership isn’t on the agenda here."

Andrew actually received a very nice comment/reply from EnCirca president Tom Barrett who offered to cancel the registration and to provide a full refund... which prompted Andrew to ask the following questions:

1. What guarantees have registrants that the system of registering .pro domains effectively using EnCirca as a proxy registrant will not be forbidden (as for .us) at some point in the future?

2. If the system was designed to circumvent the need for registration of two 3LDs in different SLDs before registering an SLD, and then you actually permit the changing of whois and nameserver information, how does this remain within the terms of the TLD agreement with ICANN?

Mr. Barrett has chosen not to respond thus far.


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