Thursday, March 03, 2005

IPC: Re-defining Transparent

From the Intellectual Property Constituency Charter: Elections of the IPC shall be fair, open and transparent.

From the GNSO Council list:

This message shall serve to officially notify that the IPC has recently held elections for 2 of its GNSO representatives. After receiving the required number of votes pursuant to the IPC bylaws, the IPC hereby certifies that the following persons have been elected: Lucy Nichols as IPC Representative to the GNSO; Kiyoshi Tsuru as IPC Representative to the GNSO.

Thank you for your patience in this matter. Kind regards. THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CONSTITUENCY

The last transparent message on the IPC discussion list is dated 28 April 2004. As we have not seen in this election who was nominated by whom, or how many votes each candidate received, or whether due process was followed, it is certainly hard to argue that the election was transparent -- unless, of course, the IPC has re-defined a transparent election process to mean an invisible election process.


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