Monday, March 14, 2005

Domain Name Issues in Review

It's been about ten days since my last post, so I thought that I would see what's been happening in the ICANN world pertaining to domain name issues.
  • The At-Large Advisory Committee hasn't been discussing anything at all pertaining to domain names issues for the last month (pretty much par for the course).
  • The GNSO Council has been discussing "lunch" (pretty sad).
  • The Non-Commercial Constituency doesn't remember what domain name issues are; their only interest seems to be in advancing the cause of Civil Society
  • The ISP Constituency doesn't appear to be discussing any domain name issue, although they would like to meet sometime with ICANN staff to discuss the three-year Strategic Plan.
  • The Business Constituency's website has absolutely no new news regarding any domain name issues.
  • The Registry Constituency still hasn't relaunched their website, so we have no idea what they're privately discussing -- if we're lucky they're discussing how to comply with transparency requirements :)

Meanwhile, on the General Assembly discussion list there have been discussions on escrow, registry fee structures, the future of the At-Large, ICANN transparency (or lack thereof), the risk to registrants posed by registrar/reseller insolvency, shell accreditations, expiring domain issues, registrant rights, and revisions to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

Too bad that the General Assembly was structurally eliminated during the ICANN "Reform". It appears to be the only group (other than some registrars) that actually gives a damn about registrants and is willing to talk in earnest about domain name issues. Even ICANN Chairman of the Board Vint Cerf participates on the GA list.


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