Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Communiqué of the 25th CENTR General Assembly

Over 60 participants representing registries for 30 TLDs participated in CENTR's 25th General Assembly and 2005 Annual General Meeting in Brussels, Belgium on the 22nd and 23rd of February, 2005.

The meeting unanimously reappointed Paul Kane (.ac) in his position of CENTR chairman and also welcomed Emily Taylor (.uk) and Hilde Thunem (.no) to join the CENTR Board of Directors, (the Executive Committee). The two departing board members Bart Boswinkel (.nl) and Alf Hansen (.no) were warmly thanked for their long service.

A statement was issued by the group as a reaction to a number of moves to block IDNs in software. It encourages software developers to carefully consider the issues, and work not to set back efforts to internationalise the Internet. The statement is available at:

The meeting conducted an exploration of the theme "New Registry Services and the future of the DNS", which a number of expert speakers covering a range of areas such as ENUM and RFID. Paul Mockapetris, inventor of the DNS, participated at the meeting and gave his view on the future of the DNS and what role it can play in new technologies. He encouraged development and experimentation in the DNS, and believed that the DNS presents a powerful way to deploy a variety of new applications. Speakers from VeriSign, NeuStar and EPC Global updated the meeting on new matters on developments for the DNS and the European Commission gave an overview of privacy concerns on RFID.

The meeting discussed PGP, with expert opinion given by Nominet which has successfully run a PGP secured registry for 9 years. Its implication on IANA would not only improve responsibility and accountability, but reduce IANA's liability for performing requests. It was agreed a small working group would be created within CENTR to develop policies and liaise with IANA.

The remainder of the communique can be read here.


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