Thursday, March 03, 2005

ALAI on Internet Governance

ALAI, América Latina en Movimiento, has released an overview of the WSIS Prepcom2 (including commentary on Internet governance):

Governments have very differing positions on the issue of Internet governance, and it is not at all clear what level of consensus, if any, could emerge from the Summit. However, there is almost unanimous disagreement (the US excepted) with the status quo, in which most countries have no say in how the Internet is managed, and where a company registered under US law (ICANN), manages the administration of Internet (IP) names and numbers. Under the present system, organizations from certain countries can effectively be denied web domain names, as a result of US foreign policy or under the dictates of its antiterrorist legislation. In fact unilateral control of the system in theory gives the US the power to cut off a whole country from Internet access. However unlikely this may be in practice, many consider unacceptable a system that makes it possible.


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