Tuesday, March 15, 2005

AfriNIC Application for RIR Recognition

In August 2004, the African Internet Numbers Registry (AfriNIC) submitted an Application for Recognition as the official Regional Internet number Registry (RIR) for the Africa region. In September 2004, the ICANN Board awarded provisional recognition to AfriNIC, with the expectation that they would fulfil their planned transition from the RIRs previously serving that region during early 2005.

AfriNIC and the Numbers Resource Organisation (NRO) recently announced that the three RIRs previously serving the AfriNIC region (APNIC, ARIN, and the RIPE NCC) transferred all RIR services to AfriNIC on 21 February 2005. With this step, AfriNIC has been operating as a fully functional RIR.

AfriNIC has now submitted to the ICANN Board an updated Application for Recognition, which includes summaries of their prior submissions, and details of their fulfilment of the ICP-2 Criteria for recognition. We are opening a 21 day public comment period on AfriNIC's Application for Recognition as the RIR for the Africa region.

ICANN Staff will prepare a report on this comment forum for the ICANN Board to use in their considerations of AfriNIC's Application at the upcoming Mar del Plata, Argentina meeting.

A Public Comment Forum has been opened regarding the updated AfriNIC Application for Recognition as a Regional Internet Registry. Comments should be sent to afrinic-recognition@icann.org


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