Wednesday, February 09, 2005

WGIG Public Comments

Public Comments are starting to arrive on the WGIG reports:

Governments and all stakeholders are invited to comment on the draft WGIG issue papers, preferably by making use of this template. Comments should be sent by email to Due consideration will be given to all comments, but use of the template will facilitate processing feedback.

Comments have so far been provided by:

- Dr. Milton Mueller, Professor, Syracuse University School Of Information Studies; member, Internet Governance Project; Chair, Non-commercial Users Constituency of ICANN. [View Comment...]

- Mr. Jasper H.N. Lim, Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management, Section of Transport Policy & Logistics Organisation, Delft, The Netherlands. [View Comment...]

- Mr. Rob Borthwick, Vodafone Group Services Ltd, United Kingdom. [View Comment...]

- Mr. Karl Auerbach, Former North American Elected Director, ICANN, United Kingdom. [View Comment...]

- International Chamber of Commerce, Commission on E-Business, IT and Telecoms [View Comment...]

- Mr. Yoav Keren, DomainTheNet Technologies Ltd [View Comment...]


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