Thursday, February 24, 2005

Report from WSIS Prepcom 2

Third and Fourth Plenary Meetings of PrepCom 2 – Internet Governance – February 24th 2005

1. Adoption of the Agenda
2. Preliminary report of the WGIG – first findings of the WGIG on March 23rd and an open- ended meeting on April 18th and another open-ended consultation on June 14th and a suggested longer meeting on Internet Governance in July.

a. Comments from the floor:

Brazil, Moldova, Argentina - lack of democracy in the way the Internet is being governed. In need of a more transparent, multilateral governance of the Internet. The need for cheaper access. There is moreover a need to take into account the public policy issues.

EU – negotiations should be open and inclusive.

Russia: Too early to talk about findings.

Cuba: Internet governance must be accompanied by more transparency and democracy in order to bridge the digital gap and use ICT4D. WGIG should aim at putting down
the basis for full participation of all governments.

Norway: recommendation: ensure that Internet can continue to contribute to cultural, social and economic dev, and that tolerance, democracy and HR become fundamental for an information society.

India: All-inclusive democratic multi-stakeholder access to the information and Internet governance.

Switzerland: the issues of transparency and security should be more emphasised by WGIG.

China: wish WGIG to move from fact-finding phase to fact-implementation phase. Internet governance should be multi- lateral, transparent and democratic with full involvement of governments. Private sector and CS should also play a vital role in the development of the Internet. 1/10 of the world’s Internet users are Chinese…

Ghana: support initiatives to develop local content on the Internet to prevent language barriers.

There was some division of full support for multistakeholder inclusion.

3rd Plenary Session: 24th February 2005 15.00 – 17.00

There were 35 government interventions plus other stakeholders who commented upon the
Preliminary Report of the Working Group on Internet Governance. All interventions will be
available on the web. However, it can be concluded that most were happy with the work
produced by WGIG especially in consultation with other stakeholders. They want the process to
continue to be as open and transparent moving towards PrepCom III

The final deadline for this report was set originally to be Tunis.

Janis Karklins proposed that the final proposed document from the WGIG will be presented at a meeting to be set up 11th July (the day before the ITU council meeting in Geneva) this meeting
will also be broadcast on the web. Following this presentation there will be a virtual interchange of comments open to all stakeholders. At this point all stakeholders are also welcome to submit editorial suggestion towards chapter 3.

The deadline for these comments will be mid (15th) August. Allowing enough time for them to
be submitted to the Secretary-General’s office and then translated before the deadline by
which documents must be published, 4 weeks before the start of PrepCom III.

No intersessional.

Subcommittee deliberations on operational part chapter 2 – 24.2.05 – 17.00 -?

A huge amount of contributions to the text have been submitted, which will both make it more
difficult to reach an agreement and make it a better document. The readings of today and tomorrow will (obviously) be the last reading of this summit. Negotiations will continue at 19.00 onwards and possibly also tomorrow morning if no consensus is reached.

On the deliberations on paragraph 27, which were suspended last night – the proceedings have
now been finalized as the language/reservations voiced by Azerbaijan and India last night,
have now been withdrawn.


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