Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Registries Reject WHOIS TF1/2 Recommendations

The unanimous Registry Constituency position: The Registry Constituency supports the Statement of the Registrar Constituency in this proceeding and believes that attempts by ICANN to require specific methods of notification

(a) would impose unreasonable burdens on registrars,
(b) would in many cases be counter productive in reaching the goal of better informed registrants and
(c) may, in some instances, conflict with applicable laws on the subject.

The Registry Constituency would support a recommendation by Task Force 1/2 in the following form:

"Registrars must ensure that disclosures regarding availability and
third-party access to personal data associated with domain names
actually be available to registrants during the registration process;"

The Registry Constituency supports the Registrar Constituency in encouraging registrars to
increase notification to registrants about availability and access on a voluntary basis.


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