Friday, February 25, 2005

Mueller on Internet Governance Options

Milton Mueller writes:

The paper I gave at Prepcom 2, along with the presentation slides of Hans Klein, are now available on the IGP site.

The paper sets out 2 particular proposals: 1) a framework convention to preplace US oversight, which also implies abolishing GAC within ICANN, and 2) a form of "institutional competition" between ICANN and ITU in which ITU is given an IPv6 address block and administration of the root zone file is shared between ICANN and any ccTLDs who prefer ITU administration over ICANN.

Either of these reform proposals could be enacted independently of the other, or both could be enacted. Both are controversial and politically difficult. However, I do not agree with Bret that either is politically impossible in the long term. Bret of course could be right and I could be wrong, it is an empirical question. But we can say for sure that if neither CS nor anyone else has a specific position to advocate nothing will change.


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