Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More ICANN Lunacy

From the website:
Starting February 21, 2005, engineers can receive more of the distinction and respect they deserve online by registering an exclusive .Eng.Pro domain name. Since the new extension is only available to certified and licensed engineers, this special opportunity helps to break engineers out of the already crowded .com space and stand out on the Web. The release of .Eng.Pro allows engineers to own their own domain name that instantly differentiates them on the Web, reinforces professional credibility and guarantees secure communications.

This announcement has been up for a while and yet the ICANN Board still hasn't seen fit to post their minutes on the decision to approve the launch of (which was discussed at both the 24 January and 18 February Special Meetings of the Board). As this is obviously public knowledge already, why the ongoing reticence to publish the minutes? This is sheer stupidity.


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