Wednesday, February 09, 2005

James Seng on the WGIG Documents

On the IGOVAP discussion list James Seng writes:

"Would a "WTF! Its pure BS!" be okay? (Sorry, its Chinese New Year and I am running out of time so I have to keep it short) I just finish reading all the documents - except for the IP and root servers which is fairly extensive, the rest of the documents looks either like (a) put together in an hour (b) put together by people who don't know what they writing (c) put together by company driving their own commercial interest. I expect much better quality of work from WGIG and the appointed experts to do a better job of being technical accurate and capture reality without bias. If I write a document of these quality for public consultation for my day-work, I would be fired! It is truely amazing."

The WGIG reports are here. So far, the quality of the public comments is far superior to the work product of the WGIG itself.


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