Tuesday, February 22, 2005

ITU & the Internet Governance Battle

ITU bids to become "coordination body" -- Just posted:

In accordance with the proposal made in paragraphs 9, 10 and 11 of chapter one of the report of the Group of Friends of the Chair (WSIS/PC-2/DOC/3), the following could be suggested as a possible general framework for the implementation mechanism of the WSIS Plan of Action (and any subsequent plan of action agreed in Tunis), if ITU were requested to play the role of “a defined coordination body”, as mentioned in Para 11.

1. For each Action Line in the Plan of Action, a stakeholder team will be created. The team is open to all stakeholders. An appropriate entity, such as an inter-governmental organisation, will be identified as the moderator/coordinator for each stakeholder team.

2. The moderator/coordinator will be responsible for organising the work of the stakeholder team, by organising meeting(s) open to all stakeholders for implementation of the respective Action Line.

3. The Secretary General of ITU, as Secretary-General of the Summit, will organise meeting(s) of stakeholders to reach agreement on a recommendation to the Secretary General of the United Nations concerning his nomination of moderator/coordinators.

4. Each stakeholder team will decide on its own modalities of coordination.

5. The ITU Secretary General will convene meeting(s) of moderators/coordinators (called a “Moderators/Coordinators Meeting”), as appropriate, to gain an overall picture of the implementation activities of each stakeholder team. Those Meetings will also determine the overall framework of implementation activities for the stakeholder teams, including follow-up to the stocktaking exercise.

6. The ITU/WSIS-ES will continue to undertake an overall stocktaking exercise, based on the annual outputs from the stakeholder teams, as well as the maintenance and updating of the WSIS stocktaking database.

7. The Secretary-General of ITU, in the role as Chair of the Moderators/Coordinators meeting, will make regular reports on the implementation activities of the WSIS Plan of Action to the UN General Assembly, based upon the above stocktaking excise, via the Economic and Social Council.

8. ITU/WSIS-ES, with its present mandate and expertise, would be well positioned to carry out the tasks of “a defined coordination body” with little additional financial resources. However, ITU may need some additional financial resources to play the role of moderator/coordinator for specific stakeholder teams, and would need the guidance of its Council to accept this role, depending upon the modalities of coordination in the respective teams. This may be also the case with other candidates for the moderator/coordinator role, and the Secretary General of the United Nations would not be able to make unilateral nominations, as proposed in the current draft of Para 10. This is one of the reasons that an agreement among possible candidates is required, as mentioned in 3 above.

9. Irrespective of whether a follow-up meeting (or summit) is organised after Tunis, and how it is organised (see Chapter 4), it would not fulfil the mandate of “a defined coordination body”, as set out in Para 11.


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