Sunday, February 20, 2005

ISPCP Re-elects Harris & Ruth to GNSO Council

Mark McFadden, ISPCP Secretariat, has announced: "Since there are two vacancies and two nominees, Tony Harris of CABASE and Greg Ruth of Verizon, the Secretariat suggests that there is no need for a formal election. Instead, the Secretariat suggests that the ISPCP elect the two nominees by acclaimation. This is consistent with past procedure in ISPCP elections. Unless I hear objections in the next 72 hours, please join me in welcoming Tony and Greg back to their roles on the GNSO Council.

This will be the third consecutive term for Tony Harris -- somewhat surprising since the Articles of the ISPCP state: 7.3. NC Representatives may not be elected for more than two successive periods. Following two such periods, re-election is only possible after an intermediary period of one year even if a different organization appoints her/him as Delegate.

I guess that these days its OK to blatantly dispel with Charter provisions, or to ignore the fact that the transition article in the ICANN bylaws required each constituency to craft a new Charter (which the ISPCP has apparently "forgotten" to do):
Notwithstanding the adoption or effectiveness of the New Bylaws, each GNSO
constituency described in paragraph 2 of this Section 5 shall continue operating as before and no constituency official, task force, or other activity shall be changed until further action of the constituency, provided that each GNSO constituency shall submit to the ICANN Secretary a new charter and statement of operating procedures, adopted according to the constituency's processes and consistent with the New Bylaws, no later than 15 July 2003.


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