Sunday, February 13, 2005

ISPCP on ICANN Strategic Plan

Marc McFadden of the ISPCP Constituency made an excellent presentation in Amsterdam on ICANN's Strategic Plan, enumerating ten principles:

1. The relationship between ICANN and Root Server Operators must be formalized, consistent and coherent
2. IANA must complete the evolution to an effective business service operation
3. Preserve an independent, transparent address policy development entity -- the "demise" of the ASO does not further this strategic goal; too much address policy work is not transparent and not representative of the community; instead too much assertion of a policy role by a single group (the NRO).
4. The effective development and implementation of policy requires an aware and educated user base
5. Compliance is a crucial part of policy development for the Internet
6. Policy development processes must be flexible
7. ICANN should use technology to expand the participation base in its policy activity -- adding regional meetings to three regular meetings does not meet this goal; instead it leads to "meeting fatigue"; only those with sufficient budget and stamina are able to attend all.
8. ICANN's Strategic Plan must recognize the likihood of future evolution.
9. ICANN must focus on its core value of technical policy coordination and implementation
10. ICANN must be fully committed to acting as the sum of all its constituent organizations and interest groups -- staff consideration is not a substitute for open consultaion with all of ICANN.

Thanks are due to the GNSO representative that forwarded the powerpoint presentation to me. Hopefully ICANN will publish the meeting notes sometime soon.


At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incidentally, the Amsterdam meeting was not organized by ICANN (the California corporation), but by members of the community. But you're right, Marc's excellent presentation should be more widely available.

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