Thursday, February 10, 2005

Internet Privacy Rights Threatened

According to Milton Mueller, writing in CircleId, the U.S. Government has taken a position on anonymous domain name registration (proxy) services -- they will not be tolerated.

"The United States Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and
Information Administration ("NTIA") has recently completed its review of "proxy" or anonymous domain registration services by .us Accredited Registrars. At the conclusion of this review, NTIA directed NeuStar to phase out the offering of such services by Registrars or by any of its partners or resellers and to ensure that complete and accurate WHOIS data is provided for any existing registrations in .us."
This decision has implications for ICANN WHOIS policy and materially endangers privacy rights. It also points out the deleterious consequences of governmental involvement in internet governance matters that are best decided by the entire community. It should be noted that the NeuStar .us Policy Council has not commented on this matter; then again, neither have they posted any meeting minutes since January of 2003. Another farce.


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