Thursday, February 03, 2005

ICANN's Secret Top-Down Strategy

ICANN staffer Denise Michel, who goes by the title of Executive Director, At-Large, has been quietly registering domain names to correspond with ALAC's still non-existent Regional At-Large Organizations. Thus far she has registered (for Africa), (for North America), (for Latin America) and (for Asia/Pacific) -- was already registered by the ALAC's Thomas Roessler.

Since the at-large community has shown no interest whatsoever in establishing these regional organizations (that will do nothing more than sanctify the loss of at-large representation on ICANN's Board), apparently ICANN deemed it necessary to launch yet another top-down initiative.

Here's a message for Denise and her management: While ICANN's special interest groups are granted seats on ICANN's Board, why the hell should the At-Large settle for "participation"? We were promised representation, one of the four pillars in the White Paper -- anything less than that which we were promised constitutes an ongoing insult to our community.


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