Wednesday, February 02, 2005

ICANN Registrars on Transfer Policy

The last few days have seen a slew of comments from registrars regarding the current ICANN transfer policy. Comments have been received from, MarkMonitor, RegistrationTek, dotandco, Network Solutions, Go Daddy, and Interdomain. A number of issues are raised in these comments including the following from the latter registrar:

"The transfers between registrars has become slow down again, because most of the high Registrars has adopted the policy to establish by default (this is to say, in ALL CASES, an not just in the specific cases settle down within the Transfer Policy) a "REGISTRAR LOCK status" associated to the domain names against transfers , so if the registrant want to transfer their domain name, they must previously investigate how to un-lock the domain, which mainly supposes a "barrier" to "non English speaker" clients."

It's time for another serious look at this issue. Perhaps this time a Task Force assigned to investigate will actually include representatives from the registrant community, but knowing the politics of ICANN and of the GNSO, I seriously doubt it.


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