Wednesday, February 16, 2005

ICANN Board Meeting on Friday

18 February 2005 Special Meeting of the Board:

1. sTLD Issues - Update and discussion of status on all applications including .CAT and .ASIA
2. Appointment of individual to the Interim At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) to fill a North American vacancy
3. Launch of .pro profession specific extension for engineers
4. IPv4 Global Allocation Policy
5. Approval of Payment for .NET Evaluator
6. Other Business

As this notice just went up, one has to wonder what part of this agenda made it "not practicable" for the ICANN Staff to post it five days ago -- the ICANN bylaws state:

"At least seven days in advance of each Board meeting (or if not practicable, as far in advance as is practicable), a notice of such meeting and, to the extent known, an agenda for the meeting shall be posted."

Also, as a matter of curiosity, whatever happened to the European ALAC vacancy? It looks like only the North American vacancy is being filled...


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