Sunday, February 13, 2005

ICANN Bias in WGIG Reports

A number of comments posted in response to the preliminary WGIG reports have noticed that some report authors will either portray ICANN as the ideal model or to will overtly spew the ICANN mantras as if they are gospel:

The statement of the government of Saudia Arabia --

The paper provides a good description of the historical evolution of the internet and the various groups involved in its management. However:

- Issues related to internet governance are not clearly identified.
- Alternative governance mechanisms for Administration of Internet Names and IP Addresses are not considered. For example the possible role of the ITU.
- The merits of different models are not addressed in a way that would provide the basis for future discussion
- The paper does not give a fully balanced view of the current situation, and tends to portray it as being the ideal model.
A comment by Eurolinc states:

The document is rich in ICANN rhetorics and mute on basic issues such as:
- the justification for a unique authoritative root controlled by the USA;
- the use of the DNS to monitor and potentially alter user traffic;
- the ability to shut off a ccTLD;
- the existence of autonomous internets.

Let's hope that more even-handed report formulation will follow in the wake of these criticisms.


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