Monday, February 14, 2005

Expired Term? No Problem

The terms for five GNSO Council members expired on December 3, 2004 during the ICANN annual meeting in Cape Town, but guess what? -- they are still active as GNSO Names Council members. Tony Harris and Greg Ruth of the Internet Service and Connection Providers Constituency, Carlos Afonso of the Non-Commercial Constituency, Kiyoshi Tsuru and Luci Nichols of the Intellectual Property Constituency all have expired terms, yet all of them are still active participants in Council teleconferences and on the Council list.

Will they ever be replaced? On January 7, Bruce Tonkin (Council Chair) reminded everyone that terms had expired -- but some must be too busy to notice. There appears to be no discussion of elections on the Intellectual Property list (but on the other hand, there has been no discussion on that list since April of last year). There are no election discussions on the Non-Commercial list either.

There are elections being held in the ISCP Constituency, but the nomination period has already closed; only one person was nominated to fill two open slots, and that nomination is invalid as the candidate has already served two successive terms (a Constituency Charter violation).

Nice to know that ICANN could care less about their bylaws not being honored. I guess when you lead by example (no Board minutes posted for almost two years in violation of their own bylaws), you can expect to see ongoing violations of the ICANN bylaws by others.


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