Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Details from Apricot on IANA

David Farrar reports:

Today was the 1st day of the AGM of the Asia-Pacific Top Level Domain Association. Much of the day focused on issues with ICANN and IANA.
IANA reported that they expect the root zone to implement DNSSEC by the end of 2005 and IANA plans to by ready by end of March with a trial signed zone.
IANA is also looking at using PGP to help authenticate requests from top level domain managers.
The proposed ICANN draft strategic plan was discussed at a high level, and there were many areas where APTLD thought ICANN was planning un-necessary things such as an Asia-Pacific regional office, funds to help developing countries, funds for security research etc.
The area of most concern remains with redelegations of TLDs. It was reported that ICANN staff have been refusing to agree to a redelegation unless a ccTLD committs to a financial obligation and agrees to join the ccNSO of ICANN. This was unamiously seen as a bad thing.


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