Sunday, February 20, 2005

Court Rules Against ICANN

. comments on the lawsuits that ICANN is facing from Verisign:
ICANN's motion asking a California court to stay VeriSign's lawsuit so the dispute could be moved to a binding dispute resolution process described in the .Net Registry Agreement has been denied. The court ruled that the arbitration provision in the .net RegistryAgreement is invalid.

VeriSign claims that ICANN's process for selecting the next .net operator "is not open and transparent, is not reasonably designed to select the best qualified registry operator, does not constitute a valid consensus policy, and seriously disadvantages VeriSign." In the 46-page filing, VeriSign implies that ICANN's RFP deliberately disadvantages VeriSign in the bidding contest.

The article is well-worth reading for a basic summation of the current state of events.


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