Monday, February 28, 2005

Combined WHOIS Task Force List

A new combined Whois task forces 1&2 and 3 list has been created. All task force 1,2 & 3 members and ICANN staff have been transferred to the new list.

The archives may be found at:

At the GNSO Council meeting on February 17, 2005, Bruce Tonkin proposed working closely with the GNSO Policy Officer to develop a single document combining Whois task forces 1, 2 1/2 and 3 discussions. This document would incorporate the material required in a task force
report as defined in the bylaws, such as the constituency statements, current recommendations, and degree of support for the recommendations (including where necessary a summary of majority and minority positions). It would also include a summary of documentation on the
Whois issues using documents already prepared over several years, and identify which aspects of the WHOIS issues fit into the mission of ICANN.

Bruce Tonkin proposed that the combined WHOIS task forces meet as a group fairly regularly in the period prior to the Mar del Plata meetings to focus on the Whois issue working from one document and documenting the levels of agreement.


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