Friday, February 25, 2005

Bret Fausett on US control of the root

Replying to the question, "What do you replace [the USG-controlled root] with?", Bret Fausett writes:

"And, even if an adequate replacement existed, how would you convince the USG to transfer root authority to the replacement? One of my only other posts on this list set out what I believed to be the best practical step forward on this issue (a trust, with the USG holding a reversionary interest if something went wrong). Personally, I am convinced that the USG will never give up complete control over the root zone as originally contemplated by the ICANN process. So you either play practical politics (e.g., the trust idea), resign yourself to the USG's ultimate control (not acceptable to most), or take steps to split the root (not acceptable to most)."


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