Monday, February 28, 2005

At-Large Warrior: Y.J.Park

From rik:

There was a protracted debate, that is still continuing online, surrounding Ms. YJ Park's position that the civil society internet governance caucus has purposely rejected her positions on ICANN and its dominance by the US government. YJ felt so strongly about her position that she held up for 30-40 minutes a Content and Themes meeting that was to receive the statement of the internet governance caucus before it was delivered to governments the next morning. Instead it became a very personal debate between YJ and others in the Content and Themes meeting who wished to move forward and accept the IG caucus text as coming from the entire body of Content and Themes. This incident, which is still being played out, reveals a couple of things to me. Firstly, the role of the individual in the process is very important. As much as we carry the mandates of our various organizations, its the idiosyncratic personalities and characters of individuals that drive the process, for better or for worse. That is to say, one passionate person can make things happen in the WSIS that would have not been possible without that person.


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