Thursday, February 17, 2005

Asia/Pacific Internet Governance Portal Launching

Dieter Zinnbauer has announced the pending launch of an Asia/Pacific Internet Governance portal:

Finally and most importantly, you will be able to contribute to ourInternet governance portal for the Asia-Pacific region that will be launched in a few weeks time. The portal will seek to nurture communities of interest both for the Asian and the Pacific subregion for four key Internet governance topic areas. :

1. physical infrastructure policies (e.g. interconnection, bandwidthmarkets, wireless and broadband policies)
2. logical infrastructure policies (e.g. domain names, IP allocation,idn)
3. e-commerce related policies (e.g. payments systems, taxation, onlinecontracts)
4. security, network reliability and related policy issues (e.g. spam,virus attacks, cyber crime)

Lead editors will oversee the resource collection and posting of newsand events, but anyone is welcome to add comments on posted items and you will also be able to engage more closely and become a co-editor with the right to add your own resources and news. We will keep you posted on when the portal will go live and how you can participate. Are you interested to add and lead other Internet governance topics than the ones mentioned above? Do you have any other ideas, suggestions on how our initiative can support open, inclusive and development-oriented Internet governance? Please do get in touch with us (,


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