Sunday, February 20, 2005

APRALO Website Launched

Denise Michel, Executive Director of the At-Large, & friends have quietly launched the website for the Asia/Pacific Regional At-Large Organization in conjunction with ALAC member Tommy Matsumoto's presentation at Apricot (virtually identical to the presentation that was made in Accra). The website is pretty much a clone of the website with Asian names substituted for the African names.

More interesting, however, was the presentation made by Dr Yoo, Ji Yul on "Internet Governance and At-Large" with a series of slides highlighting the "Failure of I-Democracy in ICANN".


1. Disregarding Internet Community in decision-making process brings the legitimacy problems
2. "Participation" has no actual effect on ICANN's decision-making
3. Internet community's frustration at being ignored, and giving up on participation

Talks on launching an Asia/Pacific RALO are still ongoing but questions remain, such as "How individuals participate after RALO is formed", "sources for funding" and "reasonable working mechanisms".


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