Friday, February 04, 2005

ALAC's Folayan on Regulation Without Enforcement

An article from the Ghanaian Chronicle cites remarks made by ALAC member (a Nominating Committee appointee) Sunday Folayan who was a participant at the recent Conference on the World Summit of Information Society (WSIS) held in Accra. Speaking on the topic of telecommunications regulations, Mr. Folayan stated: "Regulation without enforcement is anarchy."

Mr. Folayan must be drawing upon his experience within the ICANN process -- ICANN acts as if it is an industry regulator, but has absolutely no one responsible for contract compliance. Perhaps in his capacity on the At-Large Advisory Committee Mr. Folayan will attempt to deal with ICANN's anarchy, but judging from his record of commentary on the ALAC discussion list -- none -- I wouldn't hold my breath waiting.


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