Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Africa At-Large Regional Organization Website

Another surprise from the ever-busy ALAC African contingent -- in an email posted to afrinic-discuss, Pierre Dandjinou, Clement Dzidonu, and Sunday Folayan, African Region Members of the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee point to a new website at

It is stated on this website that "The portal is part of ICANN At-Large’s ongoing effort to be more inclusive and responsive to end-users." It also states: "If you (or a group you are involved with) want to influence decisions that shape the Internet, apply to be certified as an "At-Large Structure" and participate in ICANN decisions critical to the Internet's end users. “At-Large Structure” certification is free, easy, and done via email. Groups interested participating in ICANN At-Large are encouraged to send an email to or get an application online…. "

The website conveniently fails to mention that ICANN eliminated all democratic elected representation for the At-Large on ICANN's Board of Directors in their prior "Reform".


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