Monday, February 21, 2005

497 days & still waiting on ICANN staff...

From the 13 October 2003 ICANN Bylaws:

Maintenance of Records
Throughout the PDP, from policy suggestion to a final decision by the Board, ICANN will maintain on the Website, a status web page detailing the progress of each PDP issue, which will describe:
a. The initial suggestion for a policy;
b. A list of all suggestions that do not result in the creation of an Issue Report;
c. The timeline to be followed for each policy;
d. All discussions among the Council regarding the policy;
e. All reports from task forces, the Staff Manager, the Council and the Board; and
f. All public comments submitted.

You would think that once in a while someone on ICANN Staff would have a look at the bylaws. No Policy Development Process status web page has ever been posted. Posting such a document would obviously be a major embarrassment to ICANN as timelines are so far out of whack as to be practically meaningless, as Staff Manager reports are non-existent and as public comments have still not been solicited. The GNSO policy development process has turned into ICANN's longest-running joke. ... and we owe this all to the ICANN "Reform".


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