Tuesday, January 25, 2005

WHOIS TF1/2 Blows Another Deadline

January 14 was the Task Force's deadline for "Submission of Tiered Access Models". At a teleconference held four days later we note Agenda Item 3: "Discuss how to proceed since we didn't get models of tiered access and our deadline has passed."

This task force has already been "at work" for 175 days. The ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee that drafted bylaws provisions relating to task force timelines envisioned a process that would last "from initiation to decision – 60-90 days". The Policy Development Process was not supposed to go on and on and on ad nauseum. Meanwhile, we get this response from the Council: "The Council supports the recommendation of the external reviewer for more flexibility in the timelines of policy development."

Just how much more time do these folk need? This is just so much BS. It's a wonder that ICANN puts up with this nonsense. Even the registries are starting to get vexed -- in a recent public comment they state: "It is important that timeframes be adhered to so that ICANN constituencies are not placed in an untenable business position by a never-ending PDP related to a critical business process." By the way, the Task Force cancelled today's scheduled teleconference.


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