Sunday, January 23, 2005

VeriSign: No Culpability in Hijack

In an e-mail sent to the NANOG list, VeriSign's Matt Larson states "I'd like to make a few comments about the transfer issue:

First, I can confirm that the domain was not in registrar lock status at the time of the transfer.

Second, VeriSign did indeed send a transfer email to Dotster. The logs show the message to Melbourne IT that Bruce already posted as well as the corresponding message to Dotster.

Third, every day VeriSign publishes a report for each registrar that shows, among other things, a list of pending outbound transfers. We have confirmed that appeared on Dotster's daily report as a pending outbound transfer for five days. (We cannot publish Dotster's reports without Dotster's permission.) Finally, there were many people here at VeriSign working behind the scenes over the weekend on this issue. Our ability to act unilaterally is constrained as we follow the process within the consensus policy for transfers -- I hope everyone can understand and appreciate this. But we can focus our efforts on opening communications and working toward a resolution among the all parties.

That's what happened last weekend: Martin Hannigan and I got the ball rolling on Sunday morning about 1000 EST. Our 24x7 customer service department contacted Dotster and Melbourne IT. Melbourne IT changed the name servers back to their original settings and transferred the domain back to Dotster."

Meanwhile, Bruce Tompkin (Chair of the GNSO Council and representative for Melbourne IT) reports: "The ICANN policy change had no impact on this particular incident. As the incident has been documented so far, the transfer would have occurred under both the old and the new policy." ... not a very comforting summation.


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