Friday, January 28, 2005

Suggestion for the ALAC

The last ALAC Monthly Announcement asked users for input to improve and strengthen the Committee’s activities. Here is my suggestion:

When I look at the discussion list operated by the Non-Commercial constituency I see representatives from nineteen different organizations communicating with each other, actively discussing and debating matters pertaining to ICANN and the DNS. Meanwhile, I note that the ALAC has certified an equal number of At-Large “structures” that, by contrast, haven’t contributed any commentary whatsoever on any topic.

Just a guess, but couldn’t this communication issue be corrected by having the ALAC provide a discussion list to its certified “structures”? After all, the ICANN bylaws do state: "The ALAC is also responsible for coordinating the following activities: (7) Offering Internet-based mechanisms that enable discussions among members of At-Large structures"


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