Saturday, January 29, 2005

Still Waiting for ICANN Staff

In "No Such Weblog" Thomas Roessler provides an update on the work of WHOIS TF1/2:
"As one of the members of TF1+2, I'm of course unhappy that the group has finally come full circle, and that the work done over the past year (it's not just 175 days -- there were TF1 and TF2 before!) seems mostly moot today: On conflicts between applicable law and the RAA, we're waiting for ICANN staff (still no appointment, sorry); on tiered access, we're apparently back to "fact-finding" (not that we spent spring 04 on that, in two separate groups); and now, on notification and consent, we can look for a new consensus, because the contracted party objects."
Back on 6 December 2004, Jordyn Buchanan reported that "Jeff Neuman and I are hoping to receive feedback from ICANN on the potential impact of the procedure to resolve conflicts with local/national privacy law within a week." That was quite a while ago.

How long does a Task Force have to wait to get requested assistance from the ICANN Staff? How is a Task Force to comply with bylaws-mandated timelines if the ICANN Staff fails to do its job in a timely manner? Perhaps it's time to forward a complaint to the ICANN Ombudsman regarding "inactions by one or more members of ICANN staff". Polite requests from TF members have apparently fallen on deaf ears.


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