Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Spectacular Deals by Registries/Registrars

Directi, an ICANN accredited registrar, today announced the availability of .INFO domain names at a price of $1.11. The new promotional price will be available for the entire year until Jan 1st 2006. One might wonder how such a deal is possible as registry prices for domains have generally been in the six dollar neighborhood... the answer lies in a promotion that was first announced on 2 December 2004 by Roland A. LaPlante, VP and Chief Marketing Officer for Afilias: "Afilias will be offering .INFO domains at a promotional rate of $.75 for the first domain year for the period January 1, 2005 - January 1, 2006. Only newly created domains will be affected by this promotional rate."

Not to be outdone, Hakon Haugnes of the Global Name Registry announced twelve days later "a promotion for .NAME in January that will provide for "Free Trial" Registrations of .NAME domains and email addresses. The Free Trial period will be for 30 days and applies to both .NAME second level domains, .NAME third level domains, and .NAME email addresses. Registrars can sign up for this promotion until March 1st".


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