Sunday, January 23, 2005

Registrar Gouging

There are registrars that continue to charge as much as $200 to execute a restore command during the Redemption Grace Period (while registries only charge a maximum of $40 for this service). The Redemption Grace Period Technical Steering Group proposed that six months after the adoption of the RGP ICANN's president should reconvene the steering group to review the implementation of the RGP, to suggest possible improvements to the RGP and to discuss a development of a stage two which would enable registrants to choose the restoring registrar -- that was over two and half years ago.

Although the Steering Group rightly recognized that it would be desirable to allow registrants to be able to restore their names through a registrar other than the one that deleted their registration, the current inaction on this issue means that registrants have no real recourse other than to submit to ongoing and onerous registrar abuse -- they cannot take their business elsewhere; they cannot shop for a better deal as they are locked into a pact with their original registrar... They have no freedom of choice, and ICANN, of course, does nothing.


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