Sunday, January 23, 2005

Registrar cites Transfer Procedure Chaos

In a note sent to the GNSO Council (which had to be posted by way of the ICANN Forum since the GNSO Council has no intake mechanism) Bob Fox writes:
I'm dropping this note to make sure that the members of the GNSO are aware of the chaos caused by the registrar-registrar transfer procedure. I can only suppose that this mechanism was suggested and supported by the "Registrar Constituency". In my opinion as a Registrar who is not a member of the "Registrar Constituency" the constituency is run by the larger members for the promotion of their businesses. Not for the promotion of common sense, reason and the better good of the internet community. I call upon you to do something about this.

While Bob's heart is in the right place, I seriously doubt that anyone on the Council will even read his comment. It's been a week since the hijacking and no one on the Council has even seen fit to discuss the policy and security implications.


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