Monday, January 31, 2005

Proposed At-Large Resolution

Having read Karl Auerbach's "ICANN and Its Fairy Tale", I have taken the liberty of re-drafting his eloquent comments as a Resolution to be submitted through the WSIS process:

We recognize ICANN as an industrial cartel in a mutual assistance pact with the intellectual property industry that has as its goal the management of the domain name industry by defining the products offered by that industry, setting prices of those products, and selecting who may and who may not participate in that industry.

We do not recognize ICANN as responsible for ensuring the stable and secure operation of the Internet’s unique identifier systems as ICANN does nothing about IP addresses, as ICANN engages in no DNS technical matters, as ICANN does nothing about DNS security and as ICANN has no role in service standards or over DNS root operations which are operated by an entirely independent group over which ICANN has no authority. IANA, not ICANN, records internet protocol numbers, and the IETF instructs IANA what to write.

We believe that ICANN's abandonment of its role of technical oversight and its assumption of the role of business regulator has weakened the internet and made the internet more vulnerable to failure and attack.

We therefore resolve to recognize the comment of the U.S. Department of Commerce that “if ICANN does not make significant progress on the transition tasks, alternatives will be identified and considered”, and we call upon all parties to initiate such a search for alternatives.


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